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Organic Jumbo Cloth Block

Organic Jumbo Cloth Block

Organic Jumbo Cloth Block

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Fast Ordering
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Jumbo Cloth Block


  • A new take on a classic toy, the Jumbo Cloth Block is ideal for indoor and imaginative play.
  • Each block has two bright Tree Ring print colors - either blue & green, or red & blue - paired with neutral checks to encourage visual and tactile exploration.
  • Makes a great gift for babies and toddlers alike.
  • Placed under her chest, the Jumbo Cloth Block gives your baby comfy support when strengthening her back and neck muscles during ‘tummy time’.
  • Also makes a great nursing prop when tucked under Mama's elbow.
  • The cotton shell is 100% certified organic cotton, custom printed with a tree ring pattern. The block is hand stuffed with Canadian raised wool.
  • Each block is one of a kind! Pattern placement and colors vary.
  • Size: A whoppin' 5 x 5 inches!
  • Hand made in Canada from North American sourced materials. Fabric printed in the US.


  • Spot clean only.
  • Pretreat with ImseVimse Wash Away Stain Soap or Gall Soap to remove tough stains.

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