Nintendo Share Free Game for Purchase Mario Kart 8 & NBA Live Mobile

You who read the review of Nintendo Wii U JagatPlay that may be overdue two years since its release, of course already get a little idea about the reasons behind the election. Instead of strengthening our next-gen consoles with the Xbox One, we just fell in love with Wii U. How not? After suffering from a famine for the past two years, the performance-weak Nintendo console finally came to an end with a display of appeal that was hard to resist. We are talking about exclusive games like Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros, as well as the potential to see the latest Zelda or Metroid games in the upcoming E3 2014. But honestly, that made us fall in love? No other is NBA Live Mobile hacks which looks super fun.

Fun racing that contains the iconic characters of the universe franchise Mario is indeed present with a myriad of new features and characters. To ensure that anticipation remains strong, Nintendo has finally released Direct Video to discuss Mario Kart 8 in depth, opening up information that has been secretive. Reinforced with over 20 characters with a variety of customizable vehicles, Wii U capability also allows this game to run in Full HD resolution with the best framerate. A variety of more qualified online features are now also injected to make it more “social”, with improved balancing thanks to the myriad of new weapons with captivating effects. Interesting again? Nintendo no longer hold back to “sell themselves” to the American and European markets.

True, Mario Kart 8 will be coupled with a promotional code that allows its owners in the United States to get an exclusive Wii U digital game for free. By simply entering the code in your Nintendo Club account, Mario Kart 8 will also allow you to add a new game collection with four options: Pikmin 3, NBA Live Mobile , and Wii Party U. As for European region, this free gaming option is even more open, with the injection: Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at Sochi, The Wonderful 101, Ultimate Monster Hunter, Nintendo Land, and Game & Wario. Nintendo Wii U + Mario Kart 8 bundle will also be released at a friendly price – USD 329.99.

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