FIFA 17 Review

What do we gamers of a movie adaptation of the game? The answer is simple, a film that is capable of representing the same atmosphere offered by this version of the video game itself. Unfortunately, the desire and the hope is slowly but surely, have never met. For reasons that are unclear, the Hollywood movie makers it often interprets the “idea” of their own on this adaptation process, and even make it deviated from the roots that made the series the game is loved. Many real evidence of failure in sight, but Hollywood as no deterrent. FIFA 17 hacked has the potential to be a continuation of a project that will make gamers disappointed.

Where gamers are not thrilled when EA finally confirmed that one action game franchise best open-world RPG: FIFA 17 will be adapted into a movie. But do not expect that you will be met with harsh and winding journey Adam Jensen you meet in the video game version. The co-writer of this film version – Robert Cargill confirmed that FIFA 17 versions of the film will focus on the world of cyberpunk different version of the game. Cargill praised the Eidos Montreal that provides freedom for the adaptation of the production team to create a version of the film “FIFA 17 versions” of their own.

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