EA Confirm Madden Mobile

Madden Mobile? Most of all gamers were great with Playstation console is certainly no stranger to outstanding JRPG franchise this one. A complex, two-dimensional animation style feast for the eyes, as well as challenging gameplay mechanics that make the Madden Mobile appear extraordinary, at least until the fifth series-wing criticism considered to deviate from the root BoF which is known. After the success of this franchise, EA seemed to forget about it. The presence of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 did not attract this Japanese publisher to continue BoF new direction. Does this mean that this franchise Capcom has forgotten completely? Of course not. After waiting so long, EA finally confirmed the presence of Madden Mobile 6 and visit onĀ  madden-mobile-hacks.com !

Madden Mobile 6? Most gamers legacy JRPG lover may be instantly cheered EA’s decision to listen to the end, continuing franchise this one. Unfortunately, you have to hold the first of anticipation and delight you. Absolutely, Madden Mobile 6 announcement is actually disappointing. Rather than present them in taste BoF planned legacy to next-gen platforms or handheld, EA has just confirmed that the Madden Mobile 6 will be distributed as a mobile online RPG games for smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Some early screenshots released and did not show a taste BoF which we are familiar.

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