Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Reviews

No game arcade combat aircraft are much more popular than the giant franchise from Namco Bandai – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Exploring the vastness of space along with super cool airplanes wrapped with a deep plot and the emotions, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle successfully reap quite enthusiastic fan base. Unfortunately, instead of sticking with the main identity of this interesting, Namco Bandai to try out a different idea to give birth to “Assault Horizon” which is based on a real world war. Inject some features, gameplay direction, and a plot that has never existed before, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle find a new form. Forms may not be liked by fans of the franchise veteran of this one.

The desire to taste back in an epic battle in the air would be a dream fans of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. After a hiatus of two years without any information, Namco Bandai is considered developing a new series of this franchise. That information is surfaced following the presence of a new image with the headline “Project Aces” float in the official Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Facebook account. Interestingly again? Although there has yet released any information related to this one game, this image indicates the return Strangereal – the fictional world of a great war that has been happening in Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Ulysses meteor fragments that had become the focus is also visible.

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