Diablo 3 Expansion Pack Get Premium – Reaper of Souls

Developed for over ten years and can be completed in a matter of hours, not surprisingly, it seems that many gamers are disappointed with the performance of Diablo 3. Anticipation is high turned out to be paid by some mechanical changes that actually obscure the identity of which has been loved by her biggest fans. Blizzard also impressed and as hands-off position this series as the field of money, not more. But for gamers who still patient, the wait is finally bearing fruit. Blizzard finally announced the initial expansion pack for Diablo 3 – Reaper of Souls and click here http://www.gamezhacktool.com .

Expanding the story in the original series, peace does not seem to be easily reached after the fall of Diablo himself. Reaper of Souls introduces a new villain, the fallen angel – Malthael. It is not clear agenda that seeks to achieve by creatures that look super strong, one is for sure, he will be presenting atmospheric adventure that is much darker than the previous act.

Reaper of Souls will also contain a new class – The Crusader and increased level limit to 70, of course with an extra skill in it. Blizzard also will improve the system of loot to give more influence significantly for every player who completed the expansion pack this one. Blizzard also released a cinematic trailer and gameplay extras when introducing this game.

Unfortunately, Blizzard itself has not given an official release date for the expansion pack this one. After a long wait and a longing for the extra content so passionate, whether Reaper of Souls will be able to bring players back to Diablo 3? We’ll wait.

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