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E3 2014 Highlight: Ubisoft

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Growing up to be one of the publisher who became self-embedded as one of the biggest, Ubisoft lunge is indeed one of the attractions that can not be separated from E3 2014. How not? In addition to offering a myriad of serious, brutal, and heavy games, Ubisoft is also well-known through a variety of game projects that are built to create unmatched enjoyment along with the iconic characters and fun gameplay. A high anticipation may be on the way to one name:  Mobile Legends . But that does not mean Ubisoft does not prepare some other surprise projects to solidify their lunge in the next-gen console competition later on.

So what exactly is offered by Ubisoft in the event this E3 2014? Are various games that had been rumored to be proven to be present? Or end up in disappointment on the gamer side?

After being rumored some time ago, Ubisoft finally officially introduced the existence of Far Cry 4 in the final weeks before E3 2014. Apart from the pre-order process that has been opened, Ubisoft Montreal has not opened more details. Prediction that E3 2014 akna be the first moment to introduce this game is proven true. An in-premiere story trailer was released, indicating what kind of things you would get in the first five minutes of the game. The antagonist who is no less crazy with Vaas introduced, with visualization quality that also looks quite next-gen.  Mobile Legends hack no surveys  itself is scheduled to slide on 18 November 2014.

GTA Online Heist Mode Glides Up After Release New-Gen Version

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As is known Heist Mode is very awaited by the presence of gamers Grand Theft Auto V. Unfortunately, until now the mode that allows gamers to do Heist mission with other gamers online it has not yet launched.

The latest news, ROckstar plans to present Heist Mode shortly after Grand Theft Auto V console version of new-gen release on the market. That is, gamers only stay in a few weeks. Heist Mode will come along with the first update of GTA 5 money generator 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One.

Please note that the schedule applies not only to new-gen versions. Gamers who play GTA V version of PS3 and Xbox 360 also promised to get Heist Mode at the same time with GTA V PS4 and Xbox One.

“We know you are all looking forward to the latest updates and we have a variety of exciting content that is being worked on, to expand and expand the world in Grand Theft Auto Online – including the most anticipated Online Heist mode,” said Rockstar.
Gta v new2
“We know you are all looking forward to the latest updates and we have a variety of exciting content that is being worked on, to expand and expand the world in Grand Theft Auto Online – including the most anticipated Online Heist mode,” said Rockstar.

Looking back, this is not the first time Rockstar mentions that Heist Mode will slide in the near future. Even so, no further information when the actual launch date.

In fact, if you see the stastistik recently revealed by the company, there are more than 33.8 million gamers who play GTA Online. A remarkable number that is likely to make Rockstar just want to bring Heist Mode when everything is 100 percent ready, and it does not disappoint the gamers.

Bandai Namco Prepare Dragon Ball for Playstation 4

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A legend that is hard to put aside from the lives of Japanese gaming enthusiasts, most of us of course grow up with an anime name – Dragon Ball. The epic battle is destructive with full raids of light balls, Madden Mobile  is also present in a series of video game titles that existed several generations ago to this day. But unlike the other franchise that may weaken with age, creative universe works Akira Toriyama is continuously exist even though the latest series no longer offer a significant leap plot. The latest games increasingly refined from the mechanic to the number of characters offered. And for the first time, Dragon Ball z dokkan battle hack  will arrive on the Playstation 4.

Namco Bandai itself has not launched any confirmation, but the details of this information glide in V Jump magazine. It was reported that Namco Bandai is developing a latest Dragon Ball game devoted to the Playstation 4, making it appear as the first Dragon Ball project for the next-gen market. Inside the snippet of images contained in it, you can see the quality of the animation that does look sweeter, with some classic characters that are certainly no stranger anymore and get Madden NFL Mobile hack .

No details yet to this date, including the name he will have stretched. But Dragon Ball next-gen is certainly not only going to slide for the Playstation 4, but also Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. There is no confirmation whether it will also slide for Xbox One and PC.

Nintendo Share Free Game for Purchase Mario Kart 8 & NBA Live Mobile

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You who read the review of Nintendo Wii U JagatPlay that may be overdue two years since its release, of course already get a little idea about the reasons behind the election. Instead of strengthening our next-gen consoles with the Xbox One, we just fell in love with Wii U. How not? After suffering from a famine for the past two years, the performance-weak Nintendo console finally came to an end with a display of appeal that was hard to resist. We are talking about exclusive games like Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros, as well as the potential to see the latest Zelda or Metroid games in the upcoming E3 2014. But honestly, that made us fall in love? No other is NBA Live Mobile hacks which looks super fun.

Fun racing that contains the iconic characters of the universe franchise Mario is indeed present with a myriad of new features and characters. To ensure that anticipation remains strong, Nintendo has finally released Direct Video to discuss Mario Kart 8 in depth, opening up information that has been secretive. Reinforced with over 20 characters with a variety of customizable vehicles, Wii U capability also allows this game to run in Full HD resolution with the best framerate. A variety of more qualified online features are now also injected to make it more “social”, with improved balancing thanks to the myriad of new weapons with captivating effects. Interesting again? Nintendo no longer hold back to “sell themselves” to the American and European markets.

True, Mario Kart 8 will be coupled with a promotional code that allows its owners in the United States to get an exclusive Wii U digital game for free. By simply entering the code in your Nintendo Club account, Mario Kart 8 will also allow you to add a new game collection with four options: Pikmin 3, NBA Live Mobile , and Wii Party U. As for European region, this free gaming option is even more open, with the injection: Sonic Lost World, Mario & Sonic at Sochi, The Wonderful 101, Ultimate Monster Hunter, Nintendo Land, and Game & Wario. Nintendo Wii U + Mario Kart 8 bundle will also be released at a friendly price – USD 329.99.