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Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Reviews

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No game arcade combat aircraft are much more popular than the giant franchise from Namco Bandai – Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Exploring the vastness of space along with super cool airplanes wrapped with a deep plot and the emotions, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle successfully reap quite enthusiastic fan base. Unfortunately, instead of sticking with the main identity of this interesting, Namco Bandai to try out a different idea to give birth to “Assault Horizon” which is based on a real world war. Inject some features, gameplay direction, and a plot that has never existed before, Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle find a new form. Forms may not be liked by fans of the franchise veteran of this one.

The desire to taste back in an epic battle in the air would be a dream fans of Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. After a hiatus of two years without any information, Namco Bandai is considered developing a new series of this franchise. That information is surfaced following the presence of a new image with the headline “Project Aces” float in the official Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle Facebook account. Interestingly again? Although there has yet released any information related to this one game, this image indicates the return Strangereal – the fictional world of a great war that has been happening in Dragon Ball z Dokkan Battle. Ulysses meteor fragments that had become the focus is also visible.

Saint Seiya Get New Game Series – Brave Soldiers

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The legendary series that will never die, who would have thought that the popularity Saint Seiya was still survive today. Although trying to be born again by the presence of the latest generation – Omega, those who have tasted the classic battle Seiya series, Ryu, Ikki, Sun, and Hyuga would prefer a fifth Saints this one. The opportunity to reminisce and live a tough battle back and off they passed now comes back, just in the form of a video game. Absolutely, Namco Bandai finally confirmed the presence of a new series Saint Seiya – Saint Seiya: Brave Soldiers And visit madden mobile hack.

Unlike the previous series Saint Seiya classic that carries musou system that includes Dynasty Warriors-style battles, Brave Soldiers offered as a fighting game with an open arena. Perform combos and launch attacks on the iconic Saint Seiya your favorite characters, there is the impression of the gameplay style of Naruto Ultimate Storm flowing strong from the screenshots and trailer released her debut. Not only that, Namco Bandai also confirmed that each character will be present with its own progress, with the opportunity to increase HP, attack power, and power gauge Cosmos to issue special attacks. Online versus mode and ranking mode will also be offered in it. Namco Bandai also shows the figure of Hades and Poseidon in it.

Enjoy Screenshot NBA Live Mobile for android

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Sony does not want any more chances. Learning from the mistakes of the early Playstation 3 is released without the support of a qualified game, Sony prepares Playstation 4 with some exclusive games are certainly interesting to be anticipated. nba live mobile coins which spawned two series Infamous previously have even introduced their latest project – nba live mobile through a myriad of screenshots, trailers, and demos of gameplay.

Acting as a new protagonist – Delsin Rowe able to mimic the ability of Conduit others, Infamous shows a similar battle system, but is now wrapped with a world that looks more realistic. Some of the latest screenshots released have reinforced that impression. Screenshot itself represents the quality of the in-game engine itself Second Son.

E3 2013 latest screenshots released by nba live mobile provides evidence visualization quality that can be achieved by the Sony Playstation 4. Details Delsin Rowe character outstanding is now wrapped with effects that look more deadly attacks, with lighting and effects that look more rich and vivid. nba live mobile himself will be released in the first quarter of 2014, exclusively for the Playstation 4.